I’m Harri, a Marlow based Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor (REPS Level 3) and a Leader in Running Fitness. I’m passionate about helping people to keep fit whilst ageing successfully.

All my classes are via ZOOM - the timetable and details are below 

Wherever you are in the world you can now join me. I have clients attending classes from as far afield as Australia and America...


9.30 am PILATES   


9.30 am PILATES
6.15 pm PILATES


Pilates  £10 per 60 min session          PowerPulse £8 per 40 min session
(£15 for 2 in the same household)          (£12 for 2 in the same household)

All payment by BACS please - contact me for details HERE

"Harri’s Pilates classes are a highlight of my week.  It is not only a fantastic workout for the core muscles but somehow Harriet manages to make it fun too!  I find the Pilates really compliments other exercises that I do and I'd do anything NOT to miss a class!" Valerie D, Marlow.
"Pilates with Harri – Wonderful, marvelous, and fantastic! After just 8 weeks of Pilates with Harri, I feel stronger, slimmer and like a new woman! My back pain has gone, the tension in my shoulders I’ve had all my adult life has improved massively, I have better posture and I feel I can look after my back and the whole of my body. Thank you Harri for helping to make such a positive change to my life." Sally Harvey, Marlow
A short film to promote running! (Hint - turn up the volume!)
Another short film to show that running together is fun!